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Sell Old & New Vinyl Records CDs Cassettes to Vinyl Bay 777



Sell Your Records, LPs, 45s, CDs, Cassettes, DVDs & Blu-Rays

Vinyl Bay 777 is looking for your used records! We pay top dollar for:

+Collections that are in EXCELLENT or GREAT condition

+Large and small collections

+Rock, classic rock, modern rock, jazz, blues, folk, psychedelia, industrial, punk, metal, soul or country

Sell Old & New Vinyl Records CDs Cassettes to Vinyl Bay 777

Call now: (516)595-7210

Email now: VinylBay777@Yahoo.com

How do I Sell Old & New Vinyl Records CDs Cassettes ? Talk to Vinyl Bay 777! We buy used items in great condition every day during our normal store hours (Monday: 4PM-10PM, Tuesday through Friday: 10AM-7PM, Saturday:10AM-2AM, Sunday: 11AM-10PM). For large collections, contact us to make an appointment.


Please have the following information ready when you call:

A short list of artists found in your collection, so we know what kind of music you have.

An estimate of how many pieces are in your collection all together.

What city or town you’re calling from.

What price you are looking to get for the entire collection.

You must be able to bring your collection to the store, located at 101 Dupont St. Suite 14 Plainview, NY 11803. (Again, if it is a large collection, contact us to make an appointment.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “great or excellent condition” mean, exactly?

For LPs, it means that the covers aren’t defaced, creased, torn or water damaged and that the vinyl isn’t warped and has no scratches or marks that would affect play.

Likewise, 45s have to be without scratches. While we will buy singles in generic sleeves or even no sleeves at all as long as they’re in great condition, singles with their original picture sleeves are preferred.

CDs, DVDs & Blu-Ray discs have to be in their original packaging and undamaged.


How much will you pay when I sell Old & New Vinyl Records CDs Cassettes ?

It’s impossible for us to give you an accurate estimate of what your collection is worth to us without seeing them – we have to be able to physically examine each item in your collection to determine its value, or even if it’s a title that we’re interested in.  Letting us know what kinds of titles are in your collection over the phone or via email can help us determine whether or not it’s worth the trouble of hauling it to the store, but we cannot make an estimate based on this list alone. We really do have to look at the collection in person. We do NOT appraise albums over the phone, or by email.


What genres of albums should I not bother bringing to the store?

We don’t buy any classical, easy listening (Dean Martin, Barbra Streisand, Mitch Miller, Andy Williams) or showtunes. Except with rare exception, we aren’t interested in big band, film scores, soundtracks. Feel free to call us with any questions about the content of your collection.


Do you buy old 78rpm albums?

Sorry, we only buy Blues & Jazz 78s.

Sell Old & New Vinyl Records CDs Cassettes to us at Vinyl Bay 777 in Plainview!