About Vinyl Bay 777 Long Island Record Store Plainview NY

Vinyl Bay 777

Was opened in November 2015 by blues musician and Italian cuisine connoisseur, Frank Napoli. Mr. Napoli strives to make Vinyl Bay 777 stand out and be different from other stores that offer similar products. Always having a love for both music and art, Mr. Napoli wanted his customers to be blown away when they pulled up to this Long Island record store so he used his artistic capabilities to create one of the most unique record stores around. From the outside artwork to the inside décor, you can tell that Vinyl Bay 777 gives off a different feel compared to other stores of its kind.

Vinyl Bay 777 Long Island Record Store

This is a record store that has everything you need… From the newest release of your favorite band to original pressings that are highly sought after, Vinyl Bay 777 has vinyl in all speeds, shapes and sizes. Aside from one of Long Island’s largest collections of vinyl, Vinyl Bay 777 also offers new and pre-owned CDs, Cassettes, Concert DVDs, Memorabilia, and collectables. We sell products that we believe in, and are happy to go above and beyond to maintain the treasures of music in all formats.

Here at Vinyl Bay 777, we go above and beyond to make every one that walks through our door have a great experience. We keep our music well organized, separated by genres and alphabetized perfectly. We are always here to help you find exactly what you are looking for and are happy to do it. Our used albums are graded respectfully, checked for any imperfections, professionally cleaned, and play tested to ensure that the person that purchases that album will be satisfied with it. We work hard to satisfy all potential customers and provide them with a unique place to shop for their favorite albums.


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